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My name is Thomas Walden,
Ik ben een fotograaf.

Ik maak visuals

Foto’s zijn de gedichten die door onze omgeving zijn bedacht.
Schilderijen van het onderbewustzijn tot leven gebracht.
Onze realiteit of fantasie is voor iedereen zichtbaar.

Het is een medium waar ik van hou.
En ik ben gepassioneerd over het delen en creëren van visies van mijn klanten op foto’s of bewegende beelden.

I create visuals

Photographs are the poems thought up by our surroundings.
Paintings of the subconscious brought to life.
Our reality or fantasy cast into the world for all to see.

Its a medium I love.
And I am passionate about sharing and creating my clients visions on stills or moving images.

How I work

I  like to keep it light. 
Producing images for commercial use take planning and precision.


My speciality is studio photography.  Still life and Portraits for publications or packaging.

The service is based on a monthly shooting session at your business where we
cover as much content as possible in a 1.5 hour time slot.   
Imaging  Equipment

Only professional camera equipment.
Minimum resolution = 40Million Pixels


Quality, coltroll, and consistency of lighting is critical to produce top quality images

The studio is kitted with the latest professional lighting equipment that can adapt to any requirement.


There is no i in team.. but there are two in editing.
Full house retouching and 3D editing service available.